Little Enterprises Cali, LLC

Little Enterprises Cali, LLC

Naming the Jew, at Little cost to you, since 2018.

Jew-Naming Services

Patrick Little, here!  Need the Jew named in an area near you?

Contact me at to schedule a J-walk near you!  I’ll roam the streets and elicit random strangers to question the “fake news” media narratives and rewritten history that the Jewish supremacist establishment shoves down Americans’ throats.  Topics will include:

  • Israel’s deliberate, prolonged attack on the U.S.S. Liberty and the Lavon Affair
  • Jewish over-representation of slave-holders pre-Civil War (40% of Jews owned slaves, compared to less than 1% of whites)
  • Extreme Jewish nepotism in Harvard grad school (67% of the graduating class was Jewish; Jews make up about 2% of the U.S. population)
  • Jews’ leadership of the “Russian” Bolsheviks (85% of the Soviet government was Jewish) who slaughtered 30 million Christians
  • And many more Jewish crimes against humanity…

The goyim know, and I am their messenger.  Learn more about my mission here.

Please make a financial contribution to help me continue naming this race of genocidal maniacs.  Your generosity will sponsor future J-walks, and help me pay for another Jew-naming zeppelin!

Jews Rape Kids Blimp in the WaterHere’s how you can support me:

There are many ways to fund my business’s Jew-naming activities…

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