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JEWS RAPE KIDS – Addressing Child Abuse

I condemn child abuse and intend to put a stop to it across the world.

Jews have been expelled from gentile countries hundreds of times for raping and sacrificing children.  They continue these horrific practices to this day.

We must stop financing Israel, whose human rights abuses were so blatant that even the U.N. recognized them!  Israel hosts the largest modern human trafficking ring in Tel Aviv.

Israel is exactly the “haven for convicted scoundrels” that Hitler guaranteed it would be.  It’s home to Arie Scher, former Brazilian Israeli ambassador, and pedophile!

Get James Gunn and all the rest of the Jews in Hollywood away from our child actors and actresses!  These people like to joke about “fucking the shit out of little pussy boys” and “giving kids blowjobs.”  Unsurprisingly, the same people who attacked me in Olympia associate with these creatures:

Even the ADL was formed to defend a Jew who raped and murdered a 13-year-old!

After raping and murdering a Southern girl and blaming it on a black man, Jew Leo Frank was unanimously convicted by a grand jury (that included 4 Jews) for murder.  After years of appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court finally ruled against him 7-2.  But you know the Jews—they believe they are above the law, so they tried to get Georgia’s governor to commute Frank’s sentence.  The goyim had enough, and came to believe in enacting “justice” themselves:

Leo Frank Lynching However, here at Little Enterprises Cali, LLC, we condemn the use of violence.

Instead, through rational discourse, we intend to convince the public that we must cease all funding to the sex-trafficking state of Israel.

We also intend to convince the public that we must expel the Jews from our country, to prevent them from committing any more crimes against us, which would also precipitate retaliatory violence against them.

Social justice is ultimately impossible for gentiles and Jews when they live in the same societies.  This is proven by the hundreds of countries which have expelled the Jews throughout history; the fundamental mores of the races always come into irreconcilable conflict.  In order to live in peace in our own societies, we must bid farewell and go our separate ways.

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