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Holocaust Believer Assaults Me In Boca Raton For Telling The Truth

This man hadn’t ever heard that an 85% Jewish government killed 30 million Christians in the 20s and 30s.  It upset him greatly.

He didn’t want me to expose that Jewish commanders of the British air force committed a real holocaust by firebombing 8 to 12 million German women and children, whereas Jews (and Poles, and Germans) died of typhus, not gassing.

This man also didn’t like the fact that Tel Aviv (in Israel) is the sex trafficking capital of the world.

He didn’t want me to alert people that the U.S. Congress agreed to send 38 billion dollars of aid to maintain and protect a country where rabbis rape underage Palestinian children on Thursday nights.

The above facts are summarized by my signs “HOLOCAUST IS A LIE” and “JEWS RAPE KIDS.”

But this man couldn’t handle the truth.  Instead, he became confused by new information which contradicted the years of pro-Jewish, anti-German propaganda to which Jews had subjected him.  Rather than investigating the sources of my information, or at least leaving me to excercise my First Amendment-protected right to Freedom of Speech, instead he decided to assault and batter me, and to damage my property.

Any crime justifies silencing those who speak about Jewish crimes.  Right?


Even when I told an American police officer that I’d be arrested for doing what I’m doing in Israel, he said “there’s a good reason for that.”  Indeed there is, but not because Jewish apology supersedes Americans’ civil rights.

I would die to defend and uphold the Constitution and The People for whom it was written.  I will never stop naming the Jew.

One sign isn’t very expensive to replace.  However, Little Enterprises Cali, LLC ultimately intends to draw freedom-loving Americans from their homes, into the public space to exercise their rights.

Someday soon, I envision parades of brave men and women walking the streets with messages just like mine.  In the future, every corner in every city should display signs that name the Jew, and every road in the countryside should have a billboard that names the Jew.  If you want to see this messaging campaign reach farther and wider, and for Americans to finally wake up and throw off their Jewish shackles, please consider supporting me.

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9 thoughts on “Holocaust Believer Assaults Me In Boca Raton For Telling The Truth

  1. The police should have cuffed the arrogant punk attacker right away. I think we all know why they didn’t. If he gets arrested the D.A. may decide not to prosecute. If it goes to court the judge may dismiss the case. If the case is heard in Jewtown, guy may not be found guilty and if he is the judge may give him a slap on the wrist like 10 hours of community service or a $100 fine.

    The Shoah is the centerpiece of a false/fake religion with its own false/fake theology, the Shoah Theology which has for its ultimate goal the total abolition/extinction of the Theology of Calvary. Ultimately it is a spiritual attack on the truth and our very souls. God forbid that we look the other way. God forbid that we be ashamed of Jesus Christ!

    Shoah Theology: Victim — the “Six Million” | Theology of Calvary: Victim — Jesus Christ
    Place of Execution — the Camps (mainly Auschwitz) | Place of Execution — Calvary
    Manner of Execution — Gas Chambers | Manner of Execution — Cross
    Those responsible for the Execution — Nazis | Those responsible for the Execution — Jews

    1. well done Sir Patrick!!!! you are a hero and a shining example of what we all need to do..ty and the TRUE God Bless…..not the jew god of this world…..Satan

  2. The arrogant punk attacker at one point tried to do some phony moral posturing muttering something or other about being concerned about the possibility of children going by in cars seeing the signs. I wonder what our supposed punk street hero is doing to protect the children from all the filth the children are subjected to everyday — so much of it coming from Jew Hollywood and other Jewish sewage outlets.

    P.S. Thank heavens for our intrepid individuals filming; hate to think what the punk would have done if he didn’t think he was being filmed.

  3. I was impressed by two things: (a) the guy didn’t have a clue that Holocaust revisionism even existed, and (b) the guy was worried about Jewish kids in cars who would see the signs. Therefore the guy had a very strong sense of being a member of a community. Let me speak briefly about (a): The Jewish community obviously is unable to deal with the truth of Holocaust revisionism. It’s such an explosive truth in their community that they need to suppress it. Hence, Libstadt, who claims that Holocaust revisionism is not a pursuit of truth, but is sheer Jew-hate mascurading as such..

  4. This one of the J-walks I like most. The heated controversies are the most interesting. Jews are very aggressive and their depravity knows no bounds. But you show that we all have a super power to fight back. Truth. The real True-man show !!!

  5. Yea, Lipstadt voiced the strategy about never debating with us. You can also see that strategy carrying over to the way the liberals are handling nazis in the streets. If they are good, they simply won’t engage us

  6. “This man hadn’t ever heard that an 85% Jewish government killed 30 million Christians in the 20s and 30s. It upset him greatly.”

    Can someone link me with the information of this? I don’t think I’m looking in the right areas to find it

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