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A Daring Challenge To Rampant Antisemitism

As reported by Vocativ on Facebook, anti-Semite Patrick Little was attacked by a man in Boca Raton for holding a sign reading “Jews Rape Kids.”  Astonishingly, the police arrested the attacker!  Patrick Little gave a fist-bump to one of the policemen afterwards.

Amazingly, as of this writing, with 768,000 views on the report, commenters appear to be largely in support of the neo-Nazi!

Outpouring of Support For Patrick Over Boca Raton Altercation

The original video is hosted on a hate speech platform known as “BitChute:”

Patrick Little also blogged about this attack on the website for his “Jew-naming business:”  This hateful “business” claims to “serve Americans” by spewing antisemitic rhetoric on the streets.

Patrick Little claims that The Holocaust never happened.

He says that Israeli snipers shoot pregnant Palestinian women in the stomach, and brag about it!

1 Shot 2 Kills T-ShirtHe says that Israel attacked the U.S. in multiple false-flag operations, including the U.S.S. Liberty incident, the Lavon Affair, and 9/11, and that Jews stole weapons-grade uranium from Pennsylvania and used it to create an illegal nuclear weapons program in Israel.

He also claims that Jews completely control the U.S. government.

We must never forget the 6 million Jews that died in The Holocaust.  If neo-Nazis are allowed to walk the streets and claim that Jews committed crimes, and even dare to claim that they have “evidence” of it… well, this author tries not to imagine the consequences.  He simply makes this declaration:


6 thoughts on “A Daring Challenge To Rampant Antisemitism

  1. 🤔
    Translation: keep them from speaking, oh and these people, and those people

    Translation 2: let’s take a page out of the nazi hand book and keep some people from speaking, keep some subjects from being talked about.

    1. the only thing “natzees” banned was violent marxist propaganda and illegal child pornography etc…

      but more so “nazi” was a racial slur invented by the jewish lugenpresse used against the whole of the german people, its either natsoc, national socialists, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) or in pats case hes running as the Nationally Social Democratic American Patriots party… which strangely has the same abbreviation… pat littles NSDAP party, what a coincidence

  2. You are a HERO, Pat!

    History books will honor you, after we get rid of the Jews.

    We’ll get rid of M.Luther King’s statues and build you a statue in every big city in America.

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