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“Jews Rape Kids” BLIMP Flies in SF Skies

DANGER!  “Antisemitic” truth spotted in the airs of California.  Don’t look, the goyim cannot be knowing!

I, Patrick Little, owner of Little Enterprises Cali, LLC, am pleased to present you with the latest development in Jew-naming technology: The Jew-Namer 800.

Jews Rape Kids Blimp InsideOn August 26th, 2018, this magnificent dirigible, 1,250 cubic feet of Jew-naming, flew oh-so-magnificently over the San Francisco bay, on a collision-course with a packed open-face stadium.  August 26th was Jewish Heritage Night.

See and hear the full story here:

Unfortunately, as you’ll learn in our interview, despite a successful test run and a mild forecast for the day of the stunt, the Jew-Namer 800 did not make it to the stadium.  Unexpected violent winds made a Hindenburg out of my zeppelin, and it flies no longer.

Jews Rape Kids Blimp DestroyedEven though a harsh Russian Winter stymied Germany on the Eastern Front, still those who fought for freedom soldiered-on.  As will Little Enterprises Cali, LLC.  With your continued spreading of awareness on social media, and with your personal financial investment, more Jew-naming blimps will soar for the eyes of countless Americans to see — and learn.

The blimp will be reborn at twice its original size… and we will save the children from Jewish pedophiles across the globe.

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