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Surprise! Online Apologists for Jews are Most Likely Paid by the Israeli Government

While reading responses to my posts across social media, every so often I encounter some shill claiming nonsense like “Patrick Little is a Jew!”—of all things.  I roll my eyes if I ever notice these baseless allegations, figuring no one will ever fall for them, given what I do.

I am absolutely undeterred by naysayers telling me to “quiet down”.  I am certain that my unapologetic stance against these Jewish monsters is the only solution to confronting and defeating our worst enemy.

We all know that the people running the lying fake news media are Jews.  We know that the holocaust of Jews is a hoax, whereas the holocausts by Jews were 10 times bloodier than any Schindler’s List-style Spielbergian machination.  For the Children of the Lie, lying comes naturally.  It should come as no surprise that the little rats scurrying around the Internet are literally Israeli Jews engaging in the practice of hasbara.

The Practice of Hasbara

“Hasbara” is a Hebrew word roughly translating to English as “explaining.”  The word hasbara describes Jewish propaganda in general, but this word also refers to a specific organization.  For this reason, making a distinction between the Hasbara organization and the general practice of hasbara is necessary to have a meaningful discussion about Jewish propaganda.

Despite the word hasbara’s seemingly innocent dictionary translation, this word is actually a long-standing inside joke among Jews, as well as a euphemism and tongue-in-cheek term used by insiders to describe disseminating hateful and damaging propaganda alongside weaponized disinformation in order to further Jewish interests.

The Hasbara Organization

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry works in conjunction with a well-funded international Jewish organization called The Jewish Agency for Israel, and together these two entities oversee an organization officially named the Hasbara Fellowships, which is commonly referred to as simply “Hasbara”.  The Hasbara organization currently uses a mix of paid employees and Jewish volunteers scattered across the globe to attack, intimidate, and defame anyone who stands up to their race’s criminal—sometimes even murderous—enterprises.

Jewish crimes couldn’t be so egregious that they require a government-funded movement to sweep the web and cover it all up?  That’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, right?  Actually, the Hasbara organization and hasbara techniques have been covered in-depth by major news publications:

The following comment summarized Israel’s predicament pretty well:

Imagine Being So Repugnant… MessageConcerning the history and purpose of the Hasbara organization, Wikipedia offers this information:

In 2001, Shmuel Katz published a retrospective of Israeli hasbara efforts and said that the task of Israel’s hasbara “must be tackled not by occasional sudden sallies but by a separate permanent department in the government.”[24]  Sharon did increase hasbara efforts, but did not create a cabinet-level ministry for that purpose.[25]

Also in 2001, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry,[7] the diplomatic arm of the Government of Israel, was an original co-sponsor of the Hasbara Fellowships activities of Aish HaTorah.  The Jewish Agency for Israel, Department for Jewish Zionist Education, operates a campaign called “Hasbara, Israeli Advocacy, Your Guide to the Middle East Conflict”.

The Hasbara organization’s current focus of activity consists mostly of online attacks.  For instance, it will collectively attack social media posts critical of Jews or Israel with countless negative comments and down-votes.  The Hasbara organization’s online activities also include centrally-coordinated operations that post pre-written pro-Israel comments by the million, under the cover of countless fake profiles spread across all the popular social media platforms.  The result is an illusion of mass popular support for Israel and a very distorted picture of the public’s positive regard for Jews.

JIDF Infiltration StrategyPalestinian activists are the current target of highest priority for the Hasbara organization.  Observe how an anti-Israel stunt of mine received an outpouring of support, particularly by some Palestinian commenters, who received over 1,000 up-votes… then, later, those top comments were mysteriously replaced by comments with far less engagement:

Why it Matters—Knowing is Half the Battle!

Learning the meaning and context of the word hasbara is relevant for everyone, because this word has always been well-used and well-understood in Jewish circles, and it is more important than ever for gentiles to develop a working knowledge of Jewish propaganda tactics and the organizations that spread this misinformation.  People need to recognize and dismiss hasbara attacks when they happen.

I’m not exaggerating when I insist that millions of lives have been sacrificed because we believed our Jewish “allies.”  In 2003, the Zionist Jewish media elite pushed the idea of invading Iraq for a second time to the American public, shaping mainstream narratives to legitimize the idea that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, while also reporting that the Iraqi government was colluding with international terrorist organizations.  Both of these hasbara ruses were eventually proven to be completely false.

The Jews’ real goals consisted of promoting their own oil interests and destabilizing one of Israel’s regional military rivals.

The interests of American citizens were definitely never taken into consideration.  The second Iraq invasion has resulted in over 700,000 Iraqi deaths since 2003, and the terrible toll this war has taken on the lives of American servicemen is still reflected by the alarming rates of depression, suicide, drug addiction, and homelessness among those who served in this war for Jewish interests.

US Marine affected by post traumatic stress disorderThe most important aspect of learning about Jewish use of hasbara is developing an understanding of just how dangerous a situation can become when a large enough group of people has fallen under the dark spell of Jewish misinformation.

It is critical that people understand their online conversations are being manipulated, one-by-one, for the sake of Jewish interests.  Israelis are literally being encouraged and paid to do this.  Keep on calling out these shameless bastards for the pathetic lengths to which they spew their bullshit on the world stage.

We don’t believe them any more.  We know.

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