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My name is Patrick Little.  I was raised Christian, and I love my country, the United States of America.  I joined the Marine Corps and became a veteran of Afghanistan to fight for freedom worldwide.

For a long time, I knew that the future of European people was in jeopardy.  I saw that demographic and cultural trends were driving the white race towards extinction.  However, I was too brainwashed to realize that a particular group of people was behind this genocide.  My mode of thinking was so masterfully-manipulated that I willingly risked my life for our enemy during my service.

Then, I read Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.  My world changed when I could not disprove any of the assertions that MacDonald made.

I came to realize that the majority of the problems that Americans face today are the result of subversion and tyranny by a powerful group of people from the Jewish race.

Jews own and control the American news media, movie industry, and increasingly even the Internet, allowing them to shape public narratives to their ends.  Through control of information, Middle Eastern wars of aggression for Israel are promoted and justified, at a massive cost to the American taxpayer, and have sacrificed millions of American and Arab lives.

Also by Jewish control of the media, anti-white rhetoric flows constantly, and the concept of pro-white advocacy is unanimously admonished.  Advocacy for open borders, gun control, and sexual degeneracy is shoved onto the public.  The result is that our nation increasingly becomes divided, weak, and conquerable.  Each year, the opportunity for Marxist revolution ripens, as tensions between whites and non-whites are inflamed by Jewish provocateurs, intent on enslaving the survivors of a demographic shift, ethnic conflict, and/or a civil war.

Jews head the central banks which drain so many countries of their wealth, including ours.  The Federal Reserve is a private bank which issues the money of our country.  It provides this service by creating cash out of thin air (i.e., counterfeiting) and loaning it to the U.S. at interest, to be paid back by citizens via income tax.  Among the founders of the Federal Reserve was a Rothschild (i.e., a Jew).  Until Trump’s presidency, every Chair of the Federal Reserve had been Jewish.  No, your income tax dollars don’t pay for bridges and roads.  Instead, they go directly into Jewish bankers’ pockets, paying back a debt that never should have existed in the first place, and which can never be fully repaid.  Any academic or economist who questions the system loses his job.  Any politician who fights the bankers loses his campaign funding.  The IRS dispatches other dissidents.

Through planned depressions created by contractions of the country’s money supply, Jewish banks are able to massively deflate the value of property during bust cycles and subsequently purchase large quantities of property with their withheld funds.  Eventually, all the land of a nation is effectively robbed, and its former free owners become tenants.  International Jewry cannot even feel a tinge of guilt for its supremacist scheme, because it is at war against other races, with the intent to absolutely enslave other races.

Jews invented, exalted, and implemented communism (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky…), killing 30 million Christians in Russia.  Germany lost WWI due to internal Marxist destabilization and the Balfour Declaration (an agreement establishing Lord Rothschild’s Jewish state, Israel, in exchange for his aid to the Allies).  Later, Germany arose to rejoin its ethnic territories and to challenge Jewish communism in Russia.  The U.S. and Britain conspired to destroy Germany, as did Russia later, and despite continuous appeals for peace from Germany, Ally aggressors initiated war, resulting in the deaths of 60 million.

With the anti-Jewish state crushed, Israel was soon born.  Israel claims to be America’s ally, yet it initiated a prolonged attack on a U.S. intelligence naval vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, in which it torpedoed the ship, dropped napalm on its decks, and fired machine guns at its life drafts.  Israel claimed the attack was an “accident,” but intercepts proved that Israeli pilots confirmed the ship was American before attacking.

Israel also stole weapons-grade uranium from the NUMEC facility in Pennsylvania and used it to create their rogue nuclear weapon armory, which Israel now uses to hold the entire world hostage.

Israeli spies were also closely involved in the September 11th attacks, being arrested ferrying vans filled with explosives and maps circling the World Trade Center, and being arrested after being spotted filming the World Trade Center in anticipation of the attacks and celebrating the buildings’ destruction.  Despite 4000 Israelis being in the area of the attacks, only 1 Israeli on the ground died.  Indeed, the Israeli messaging firm Odigo found warnings delivered a few hours prior to the attacks.  Suspected Israeli spies and al-Qaeda connections lived in close proximity running up to the attacks in several states.  An Israeli military intelligence officer rented an apartment a few thousand feet from Mohamed Atta, lead hijacker and Marwan al-Shehhi, suicide pilot of Flight 175.

Today, Israeli dual citizens serve in the U.S. Congress, and the Israeli lobby AIPAC exercises enormous control over U.S. politicians.  Israeli influence has siphoned billions of dollars from American taxpayers into Israel’s coffers, and led hundreds of thousands of America’s finest men and women to death or debilitating injury in Middle Eastern wars of aggression to subdue or destroy Israel’s regional competitors (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria…).  The American public endorsed these wars because they believed Muslims like the 9/11 hijackers “hated our freedom” and because Israeli intelligence claimed there were “weapons of mass destruction.”  But it’s been Jewish lies and terrorism all along.

Jews have evolved to be extremely ethnocentric, and to take no issue with lying if it benefits them, or with enslaving or committing genocide upon other races if it benefits theirs.  When Donald Trump talks about the “fake news media,” he is really talking about the lying Jewish media.  The history of slavery is a Jewish one.  From Roman times, to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the modern-day sex trafficking capital of the world, Tel Aviv, Jews have dominated the trade of human lives.  They implicitly enslave the rest of the world with their debt money.  “The 1%” are Jews, the majority of the richest people in our country.  Ironically, those whom Bernie Sanders intends to tax are actually the ones doing the taxing!  The cause for so much misery and death in prior centuries has been for the sake of Jewish whims.

Since I came to these realizations, I have devoted my life to alerting the American public of the destructive influence of this alien race.  The freedom of all people—and particularly the freedom of people of European descent—is fast being annihilated by powerful Jewish people, and their agents and hysterical clueless followers.

My mission is to awaken the American people, and to spur them to set themselves free.