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Jews’ Fake News

Hi, Patrick Little here!  I have an important message to share with the American people: you’re being manipulated.

In America, there are six major media conglomerates which produce nearly all entertainment content for our country, such as our television programs, movies, music… and, crucially, our news.

Media ConsolidationFrom these fountainheads flow the topics of national discussion.  It is important for our society to receive a complete and objective view on all topics, so that we can make informed and correct moral decisions guiding our future.

But some topics are never broached by these organizations.  Why?  Because it would not suit these organizations’ interests.  These organizations’ interests, like the people who control them, are Jewish.

Sources for the above graphics: The New York Times, Comcast and NBC, CBS, Fox News

In 2001, all the major news organizations goaded the American public into the Iraq War, despite that no “weapons of mass destruction” were ever found.  Millions died or came home with traumatic injuries.  The Jewish news media also led us into Afghanistan.  Now, they’re once again beating their war drums, hoping to dupe us into attacking Syria and Iran.

What do all of these far-away countries have in common?

Map of the Middle EastIraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran are all regional competitors to Israel!  Even our own senators openly admit that the only reason they want us to fight in Syria is because we “care about Israel;” just watch the start of the following video, it’s the first thing that comes out of the representative’s mouth:

The top commenters on the video and many viewers agree with my analysis!

Commenters’ Consesus on Israeli Syrian MotivesNow, Bashar al-Assad is the democratically-elected leader of Syria, who received over 90% of the vote in an internationally-verified election, including a 98% vote from the Christian minority in the country.  Sounds like a guy who genuinely cares about his people, right?

The Jewish news media accuses Assad of “gassing his own people.”  This never happened; he’s winning his civil war, so he doesn’t even have any reason to do that.  The “attack” is debunked in the following video:

What we have seen is more and more witnesses coming forward to say there was only panic and no evidence of chemicals.

The promotion of this hoax was a ploy to justify U.S. military intervention in Syria… although, according to the Senator of Mississippi, the validity of the propaganda and the benefit of intervention to the U.S. is irrelevant.  All that really matters is that we “care about Israel.”

Meanwhile, the fake news media has remained silent on the topic of Israel’s well-documented human rights violations against the Palestinian people.  Nothing that comes out of the major news publications will ever criticize corrosive Jewish behavior, because the Jews running the publications don’t want you to know just how nasty their people can be:

Many Americans are sensitive to the notion of members of genetic races declaring themselves supreme over others.  Well, the Jewish race has declared themselves the supreme rulers of Palestine; their prophecies named them “the chosen ones” destined to inhabit this patch of dirt.  Their bulldozers where “chosen” to destroy the homes of Christians and Muslims who have lived in the state for thousands of years.  Israeli soldiers where “chosen” to take sick pleasure in massacring the indigenous population:

1 Shot 2 Kills T-ShirtWhy do we condemn racism within the United States, yet send billions of dollars of aid to a racial supremacist state in the Middle East which has a higher standard of living than us, and why do we volunteer our troops to die in wars of aggression against this state’s neighbors on flimsy premises?  Because Israel controls the United States’ foreign policy.

Our Congress has just produced bill HR 5141 (which you should call your congressman to oppose) which fulfills a resolution that

supports a robust and long-term Memorandum of Understanding negotiated between the United States and Israel regarding military assistance which increases the amount of aid from previous agreements and significantly enhances Israel’s military capabilities.

The total for the next 10 years of aid to Israel?  $38 billion.  That’s money we could have spent on veterans, healthcare, or even a southern border wall!

Trump has declared fake news “the enemy of the people.”  Well, who runs “fake news?”  Jews.  Therefore, a powerful Jewish elite is the enemy of our people.

Jews Control Media MemeHave you ever gotten an “icky” feeling when listening to the latest slew of extremely biased information from a major news station?  Or felt deeply uncomfortable observing the latest form of moral degeneracy in a film or music video?

There’s a particular race of people who are manipulating you and the public with these feelings, to distract our society with destructive vices, and to disarm us to allow for even worse unchecked encroachments on our freedoms by foreign hostiles.  Isn’t it ironic that in Israel, pornography is banned, and their citizens openly carry machine guns in the streets?

Is it “bad” to recognize the race of the people who are deciding what we hear, and what many of us think?  Is it “antisemitic?”

No.  Americans don’t trust the media.  They know they’re being lied to.  They just don’t know that they’ve been lied to in order to further the interests of a foreign government.  If that government were Russia or China, Americans would care.  They should care that “The Jewish State” of Israel believes in the superiority of the Jewish race, and will sacrifice American soldiers in place of their own for their own supremacist ideals.

We must remove Jews’ with Israeli influence from our institutions of power.  One cannot be loyal to two nations.  For the powerful Jews running American institutions, their nation is not America—it’s Israel.

If we want to make America great again—whether we call ourselves “Democrats” or “Republicans,” left- or right-wing, and regardless of whether we’re black, white, or any shade in-between—then we need to put America first, and Israel last.

Trump Kissing NetanyahuContact the White House and tell Trump not to go to war with Syria and Iran based on Jewish media lies.  Tell him and Congress to stop supporting the terrorist, racial supremacist state of Israel by cutting all financial and military aid to The Jewish State.

Contact the President:
White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
Call your representatives:

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