Little Enterprises Cali, LLC

Naming the Jew, at Little cost to you, since 2018.


Naming the Jew is necessary to secure the freedom of all races of men.  However, money is also necessary for this goy to provide America with his Jew-naming services.

I need to pay for food, transportation, recording equipment, and lodging.  I also need to pay my contractors (like my cameraman and personal assistant).  Terrorist attacks and the associated hospital bills aren’t cheap!  I also need to save up for the inevitable future legal assaults from the Jew-diciary system.

You can pay me to name the Jew in your home town; or, you can simply send funds because you believe in our cause, and trust that I will help us to achieve victory.

Send money online

Camera Icon Credit Card Icon Gift Card Icon Buy a prepaid debit or gift card (e.g. Visa, Amazon…) and send a picture of the front and back of the card to  You can find these at grocery and convenience stores.  Buy them with cash to stay anonymous.

Send money via mail Mail Icon Cash Icon Check Icon

You can send any of the following forms of payment…

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money orders (anonymous)
  • Prepaid debit or gift cards (e.g. Visa, Amazon…) (anonymous)

…to the following address:

Patrick Little
2443 Filmore St.
Suite 380-1105
San Francisco, CA 94115

Tip: You can buy and send money orders at most post offices.

Send recurring bank payments Bank Icon

You can arrange with your bank to send regular payments to me.  Most banks will do this for free.  It’s a great way to make affordable contributions while providing my business with reliable income, and to avoid gift card fees.

Email me at for bank transfer info.

Send cryptocurrency

You can send cryptocurrency to one of my many wallets.

BTC Icon Bitcoin (BTC): 37rBNpB7xrPRB9b3YEb428evcaDTexYhoy
BCH Icon Bitcoin Cash (BCH): bitcoincash:qrf7hgt0ztvcddwyt8kpj5tp666u2m35qugzgcg35h
ETH Icon Ethereum (ETH): 0x9b5c277661ba72c1111cfd4f3ec1ee973b432daa
XMR Icon Monero (XMR): 47d3PWB1d4gKmPBRjdH9fgLo3X8qtNk21eZCbV5NRfsQeFQqKD6xycU4GGLhJQHLbXW3BSw1TJBCKBgYT7ikT9EWD125e8s
XRP Icon Ripple (XRP): rKfhkZR1MzRx6i2db8kKiESmYTf7m8rFvx
DASH Icon Dash (DASH): MPLXa7GPL8gupcB3oZKhhU4cqHDVhNbXmN

For more information about cryptocurrencies and how to obtain them, click here.

Send packages Package Icon

If you’d like to send a package (rather than a letter), please send it to this address, instead:

Patrick Little
500 Westover Dr #1105
Sanford, NC 27330

You can send precious metals like gold and silver bars in a package.

Provide talent & resources

If you have any special and useful talents like web development, video editing, graphic design, piloting aircraft or drones, or posses email lists or have access to phone banks, or can produce merchandise like clothing, coffee mugs, etc, please contact me.

🙇 Thank you for helping me to name the Jew.